Catalyst Screening—Gain Efficiency in Parallel and High Throughput Experimentation

Improving the Efficiency of Catalyst Screening in Drug Substance Development

Catalyst screening is an important part of process route scouting in pharmaceutical drug substance development. Comprehensive catalyst screening, often undertaken as parallel synthesis or high throughput experimentation,  provides breakthroughs in problematic synthetic conversions and leads to processes that are more efficient.

The Challenges of Catalyst Screening

While many organizations have invested in lab automation equipment and robotics to speed process development efforts, the variety of systems involved can be a challenge. Catalyst screening often involves tedious transcription between software interfaces increasing the risk of errors. Disconnected, manual data analysis can also be a significant bottleneck

Katalyst D2D—Catalyst Screening Made Easier Than Ever Before

Katalyst D2D software supports high throughput catalyst screening through experiment design, planning, execution, and collation of live analytical results—all in a single interface.

  • Automate high throughput experimentation in a single application and eliminate transcription between systems
  • Efficiently review analytical data automatically processed and assembled from a variety of instruments
  • Make fast, confident decisions around catalyst screening studies from analytical results connected to each well in your array

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Katalyze high throughout experimentation, from Design to Decide

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